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Solar Screens

solar screens

The sun’s harsh glare can be penetrating and uncomfortable. Our Solar Shade screens are made of a unique woven mesh that blocks 75% to 90% of the sun's rays before they enter your home. They also double as a screen for keeping insects out. However, the primary purpose of this fabric is to reduce the level of solar heat in the summer and save greater amounts of heat in the winter.




  • Solar fabric screen system for Interior/exterior applications

  • Can be manual or motorized

  • Two fabric options, allowing for control over the level of sun exposure 

  • Vertical zipper retention system with zipper welded to fabric on both sides to achieve higher wind loads

  • Extruded housing

  • Starting housing size of 4.5" 

  • Up To 20 Ft Tall

  • Wind Tested @ Accredited Lab

  • 100% Aluminum Endcaps, Not Cast

  • .09” Thick Housing, Less Damage

  • Integrated Brushes, Sealed Off

  • Screw On Endcaps, Stronger

  • Internal Aluminum Plates, Not Galvanized

  • Span 19 Ft With 4.5” Housing

  • Span 23 Ft With 6.0” Housing

Track Locked end Retention System

A small coil style zipper is the key component of this end retention system, it secures the Fabric in the side tracks.


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