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Cape Cod Retractable Storm Screens

Storm Screens

storm screens

Our Hurricane Rated Screens are made of a unique woven mesh. It is composed of 50% Aramid fibers - “almost bullet proof” - same fabric is used in ballistic vest. Storm Screens also double as a screen for sun control, privacy and weather protection, such as rain and wind. However, the primary purpose of this fabric is prevent flying debris to compromise the building envelope by breaking windows or doors. Our screens can be motorized to deploy at the touch of a button for the ultimate peace of mind


  • Hurricane fabric screen system for storm protection
  • Can be manual or motorized

  • Vertical zip keder retention system with bullet zipper welded to fabric on both sides to achieve higher wind loads

  • Starting housing size of 6.5" 

  • Sizes up to 24' width

  • 50% aramid fibers - fabric used in ballistic vest

  • Building Codes: FBC / TDI / HVHZ

  • Florida Certificate of Product Approval # FL31165


Bullet Zip Keder

A bullet style zip keder is the key component of this end retention system, as if secures the Fabric in the side tracks.


there is a picture for this Bullet Zip Keder

Bullet Zip Keder

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