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Cape Cod Retractable Bug Screens

Bug Screens

bug screens

Your outdoor space is sacred and shouldn’t be ruined by an invasion of bugs. These Bug Screens offer the ultimate in insect protection. Our insect screens block up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare while also maintaining privacy. They also maintain excellent outward visibility with a high factor of openness. The fabric we use helps to increase your level of privacy without compromising visibility!

In addition to residential and commercial patios, these screens provide excellent insect protection for garage door openings, cabanas, and outdoor kitchens. 





  • Can be manual or motorized

  • Various color options to choose from 

  • Vertical zipper retention system with zipper welded to fabric on both sides to achieve higher wind loads

  • Extruded housing

  • Starting housing size of 4.5" 

  • Up To 20 Ft Tall

  • Wind Tested @ Accredited Lab

  • 100% Aluminum Endcaps, Not Cast

  • .09” Thick Housing, Less Damage

  • Integrated Brushes, Sealed Off

  • Screw On Endcaps, Stronger

  • Internal Aluminum Plates, Not Galvanized

  • Span 19 Ft With 4.5” Housing

  • Span 23 Ft With 6.0” Housing


Track Locked Retention System

A small coil style zipper is the key component of this end retention system, it secures the Fabric in the side tracks.

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